Ann’s Mint, Pink + Gold Bridal Shower Brunch…

Remember last month when I posted about the incredibly awesome company Bloominous  and how I’d be using their new Party Pop collection for a bridal shower I was throwing soon? Well, today I am going to share that shower and those beautiful Bloominous blooms with you! As I’ve mentioned previously, one of my very best friends in the world, Ann, is getting married next month and I’m lucky enough to be her maid of honor. I was so, so, so excited to host Ann’s bridal shower at my house at the end of May along with her other lovely bridesmaids. I came up with a fun design based on her mint + gold wedding color scheme. I added in some pops of varying shades of pink, a little confetti, and voila!
Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.01 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.02 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.03 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.04 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.06 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.07


We had an “advice for the bride-to-be” station where the guests could leave their advice and wishes for Ann on cards that she could keep as mementos. For a fun activity that also served as guest favors, we had a custom DIY fragrance bar that was so much fun!


Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.09 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.10 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.11 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.12 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.13 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.14Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.15


We had a great brunch menu including a a bubbly bar with assorted juices and berries, a mini mason jar yogurt parfait station, salads, mini frittatas + more.  I also made some watermelon mint infused water that was seriously delicious and refreshing! It would be perfect for any upcoming party this summer.

Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.16 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.18 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.20 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.21 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.22 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.23 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.25 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.26


Ann loves tropical flavors and macarons, so I combined those loves when choosing the desserts from the ever wonderful Sweet and Saucy Shop. We had a coconut passionfruit cake that was seriously to die for, and a selection of strawberry and pistachio macarons.

Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.27 Anns_Bridal_Shower_Brunch.28


The beautiful bride-t0-be with her bridesmaids. We had such a good time showering and celebrating this babe!


And lastly, one more big, huge thanks to Bloominous for the stunning flowers! They arrived quickly, packaged up with care, and included easy to follow directions. I put all the centerpieces together the day before the shower, which left me plenty of time to do the rest of the decorating, cooking and cleaning. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to DIY flowers for their wedding, a shower, or any other occasion! They have multiple collections to choose from, so there is something to fit every aesthetic.




Now, the countdown to the wedding is on:)



Spotlight On: Bloominous…

Have you heard of Bloominous yet? If not, I know you’ll be seeing them popping up all over the place soon! Bloominous is an innovative new company that strives to finally make DIY flowers easy. They understand that DIY can be difficult, time-consuming, and risky.  If you’re a bride, those are probably the last three words you want to hear!  So they put a lot of thought into what it means to make DIY floral arrangements easy and affordable for you…the result is Bloominous.com, the one-stop shop solution to all your floral-woes! Bloominous packages together what you need- from florals to vases to instructions-  to create your own bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres.






Bloominous offers several collections to choose from: Vintage Cottage Collection, Bohemian Desert Collection, Country Charm Collection and the Eco Chic Collection. See that gorgeous photo above ? It, along with all the other photos in this post are from the brand new coral + gold collection that will be debuting soon. I’m incredibly excited because I’ll be using the new coral + gold collection in a couple weeks to decorate a bridal shower I am throwing for my best friend!






Here are some more key points about Bloominous + what makes the service they offer so unique:



- With Bloominous, brides will be able to save anywhere from 30% to 50% off their original floral budget (based on the average U.S. wedding budget) without the typical 300% markup from wedding florists.


- Most DIY floral services do not send ‘prepped’ flowers, but their flowers come cut-to-order, dethorned, and trimmed, so you can save time AND money.


- Each kit comes with step-by-step photo instructions for easy assembling within 10 to 20 minutes per piece, as well as flower care products, accessories, and design tips.






- Bloominous offers trial kits so you can test their product out before you take the big plunge. Right now their trial kits are 30% off with free shipping using the code: TRIAL30.


-All collections are designed by the Bloominous in-house florist with 10+ years of experience in event and floral design.


-They feature specialty flowers that are hard to find, especially if you’re located in a city without a local flower market.






- Bloominous doesn’t just provide flowers. They bring floral and wedding expertise to all through their blog, which focuses on saving money, planning, DIY, and ease.


- In addition to the designed collections, Bloominous will be adding a “Flower Market” concept to their offerings so DIY-ers can take customization into their own hands! Flowers from all over the world shipped straight to your doorstep. Those who want to create their own collections can purchase un-prepped flowers through the Bloominous Flower Mart, and those who want to add their own touches to the Bloominous collections can also buy extra flowers through the Bloominous Flower Mart.


- In the near future, they plans to become a creative community for floral designers, professionals and amateur alike, to have a chance to showcase their designs and sell their collections on Bloominous.





So, now you officially know about Bloominous if you didn’t already! Make sure to head on over to their website + blog to learn even more. Plus, check back here in the coming months to see their stunning flowers decorating the shower I am throwing:)




Boho Woodland Wedding Shoot…

I am loving the rich berry tones used throughout this boho woodland shoot sent over by Ashley Hoover + Nicole Kelley of Blue Birch Photography! Berry tones work year round, but I particularly adore them in winter weddings. Paired with the soft grey green of succulents or eucalyptus and crisp whites, they make the most beautiful palette!



Here is a bit more from Ashley about the shoot:



“We designed the shoot with a dreamy feel in mind. Our models, real-life couple Heather Jones and Kevin Kage, embodied our whole vibe. Heather, a glamorous fashion and entertainment writer, who’s very rocker chic, along with Kevin a mixed martial arts professional, were perfect muses. We styled the shoot ourselves in a wild, do-it-yourself craze. Nicole and I loved the idea of a naked cake in the forest decorated with succulents and berries. A majority of the accent pieces are antiques. The ring is my own, a smoky quarts designed by a silver-smith artist from Manitou Springs, Colo., which is where our invitation designer, Sixpence Paperhouse, also hails from. I came upon the location while hiking through a conservation area on Lake Alice in Gainesville, Fla., and fell in love. The cascading leaves and light were just enchanting.”






Photographer: Ashley Hoover 
Photographer: Nicole Kelley of Blue Birch Photography
Hair + Makeup: Ashleigh Marie Allen
Models: Heather Jones and Kevin Kage
Florist: Valerie Raymo Kelley Bold Blooms 
Invitations: Sixpence Paperhouse
Dress: Lulu’s


DIY: Stitched Burlap Table Topper…

The lovely folks over at Smitten on Paper are back with their second DIY feature for The Loveliest Day- a darling hand-stitched burlap table topper! I am a complete novice when it comes to sewing, but even I could do this. So simple and the result is totally adorable!






Burlap, yarn, silk ribbon in varying sizes, large gauge needle + scissors.







1.  Plan out your design and then draw it onto your burlap with a sharpie. It does not need to be perfect, the sharpie will be covered up with your stitching.


2.  Thread your needle with the yarn and use a running stitch to complete the basic part of your design.


3-6.  To make your flowers, thread your need with the silk ribbon and then make 3-4 stitches in a starburst pattern, depending on how large you want your flower. Tie the ribbon off on the back of the burlap and cut the excess ribbon.


7.  To make sure that your petals are nice a pretty the ribbon needs to be flat, not twisted. Place your finger under the ribbon as you are pulling the it through.


8.  Repeat with as many colors and sizes of ribbons as you would like!






We used this stitched burlap as table topper or runner, but it would also be adorable as a hanging flag or banner.





Big huge thanks to Smitten on Paper for creating another awesome DIY for us!!! Make sure to check out their website, facebook, + to see more of their amazingness:)



Romantic Desert Wedding Inspiration…

This lovely shoot was pulled together when Jodi of J. Anne Photography wanted to get some images for promotional products she was creating for her business. Living in Las Vegas, she wanted to create the feel of a romantic and ethereal desert wedding, with a little bit of glam. Some great fellow Vegas vendors came together at the last minute to help her pull it off! The model is even a future bride of Jodi’s. Ch, ch, ch, check it out!


PS- I need that mirrored table in my life!!!


Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.01 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.02 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.03 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.04 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.05 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.06 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.07 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.08 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.09 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.10 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.11 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.12 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.13 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.14




Photography: J. Anne Photography 

Floral Designer: Layers of Lovely – An Inspired Floral Art Studio

Makeup Artist: Your Beauty Call 

Bakery: Showboy Bakeshop 

Location: Spring Mountain Ranch State Park 


Modern Hot Pink Valentine’s Day Inspiration Shoot…

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!! I have a fun + festive shoot to share with you today that was inspired by  a modern take on a Valentine’s Day wedding. I love, love, love, the vinyl lip decals on the dance floor. How fun are they!? Such a great temporary way to customize the dance floor for your big day. And that mylar heart balloon bouquet- too adorable! This shoot was sent over by the designer and florist, Ashley Garrett of Life in the Sunset. It took place at Graffiti Cafe in LA, and was captured by Christin Rose Photography!


Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.01 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.02 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.03 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.04 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.05 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.06 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.07 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.08 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.09 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.10 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.11 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.12.5Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.12 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.13 Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.14 (1)Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.17Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.16 (1) Modern_Hot_Pink_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Shoot.18




Photographer: Christin Rose

Design + Florals: Ashley Garrett from Life in the Sunset

Venue: Graffiti Café

Stylist: Dolly Pratt

Lollipops: Sweetniks Creative Confections

Cake: Sugar Babies Cupcakery

Boutonnière: Ban.do

Hair + Makeup: Erika Parsons


French Rustic Photo Shoot…

This rustic wedding photo shoot was sent over by French planner La Mariée en Colère, and I love the light airy feel of the first half, and the playful feel of the second half. Both play perfectly with the rustic backdrop! I had never thought of pairing denim with wedding gowns before, but I must say, it can be a cute look for a rustic wedding! What do you think?


French Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic InspirationFrench Rustic Inspiration




Planning : La Mariée en Colère

Photographer : Fairy Daily

Decor : 123 Nous Irons

Dresses : Confidentiel Création

Flowers : Fleurs de Mars

Hair : Event Coiffure Bordeaux

Makeup : Jenny Cortie Make Up

Models : Marie, Mylène, La Mariée en Colère

Decor Partners : Atmosphère Mariages & Bal de Famille

Jewelry : Art et Or

Accessories : Rhapsodie France

Food : Les Caprices d’Amélie à St Emilion