Romantic Desert Wedding Inspiration…

This lovely shoot was pulled together when Jodi of J. Anne Photography wanted to get some images for promotional products she was creating for her business. Living in Las Vegas, she wanted to create the feel of a romantic and ethereal desert wedding, with a little bit of glam. Some great fellow Vegas vendors came together at the last minute to help her pull it off! The model is even a future bride of Jodi’s. Ch, ch, ch, check it out!


PS- I need that mirrored table in my life!!!


Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.01 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.02 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.03 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.04 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.05 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.06 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.07 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.08 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.09 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.10 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.11 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.12 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.13 Romantic_Desert_Wedding_Inspiration_by_J_Anne_Photography.14




Photography: J. Anne Photography 

Floral Designer: Layers of Lovely – An Inspired Floral Art Studio

Makeup Artist: Your Beauty Call 

Bakery: Showboy Bakeshop 

Location: Spring Mountain Ranch State Park 


  1. Jodi Inouye says:

    Yay! Thank you so much for the gorgeous feature! :)

    The side table is from West Elm! xo.

    It’s pretty special wedding ideal. I love the wedding style.

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    naomi says:

    Who could resist such gorgeousness? Love the bouquet!

    What a cool feature. Like the dessert theme a lot and the colours are very pretty!

    What a lovely bouquet! So many fun textures and colors intertwined!

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