Sal + Andrea’s Romantic Occidental College Wedding…

Sometimes a photographer’s images are so beautiful and evocative that they practically transport you right to the moment they were taken. That’s what the awesome Lydia Messenger’s photos of Sal + Andrea’s romantic Occidental College wedding do for me. Simple, sincere, and stunning are the words that come to mind when describing this wedding. There are details, but they are thoughtful and minimal. The true focus is the couple and the celebration of their love. Just how it should be!

Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.01 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.02 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.05 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.06 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.09 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.10 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.12 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.13 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.14 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.15 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.16 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.18 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.19 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.20 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.22 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.23 Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.24Sal_Andrea_Romantic_Occidental_College_Wedding_by_Lydia_Messenger_Photography.25





Venue: Occidental College

Photographer: Lydia Messenger Photography 

Flowers: Downtown LA Flower Market

Hair + Makeup: Pinup Girl Boutique

Cake: Portos Bakery

Bride’s Dress: Mori Lee

Groom’s Suit: Givenchy



Jenna + Eric’s Rustic Handcrafted Military Wedding…

First of all, I can’t believe it’s already June!!! Where did Spring go? Time is really flying by this year, flying by so quickly that it seems nuts that this wedding I’m going to share with you today took place almost a year ago!


I worked with Jenna + Eric on designing their wedding from the very beginning of the process, soon after they were engaged. They only had several months to plan their wedding, and Jenna wanted tons of detail, so there was a lot to get done in a short time. Luckily, Jenna and her Mom are very crafty and were able to bust out tons of the handmade details we came up with very quickly. The venue was The Stonehouse at the beautiful Temecula Creek Inn, which was the perfect setting for the rustic feel Jenna had dreamed of.  There was lots of burlap, lace + mason jars, with pops of turquoise and orange.


There was a freak thunderstorm mid set-up on the day of. That paired with 100 + degree temps made for a bit of a stressful moment for everyone, but luckily the rain and thunder died down just in time, and the wedding went off without a hitch! It was a pleasure working with Jenna + Eric, and I’m excited to share their big day with you:)




Below are a few photos I snapped on my iPhone during set-up…






Lastly, here is Jenna + Eric’s wedding video if you want to see a bit more…




from on .







Photographer: Brightwood Photography
Design + Styling: Melissa Elise Event Design + Styling
Venue + Caterer: Temecula Creek Inn
Hair + Makeup: Bethany Ruck
Cake: Le Petit Kupkak
Cinematography: WickFilms
DJ: Brian Stodart
Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal
Flowers: Enchanting Blooms
Bride’s Boots: Ariat
Stationery: Sea of Love Studios 
Bridal Party Favors: Mason Jar Cookie Company
Cake Topper: April Hiler Designs
Bridesmaid Dresses: Macys


Julie + Mike’s Breathtaking Villa Wedding…

Julie + Mike’s Orange County wedding is the perfect example of how simplicity can be stunning. I am seriously swooning over here! The photos by Studio 7 Photography literally blew me away, and everything from the flowers, to the venue, to the color palette are pure perfection. I just want to crawl into these photos and stay for awhile, don’t you?



Orange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa WeddingOrange County Villa Wedding




Photographer : Studio 7 Photography 

Venue : The Villa 

Coordinator : Sandy Shirgaokar

Makeup : Stacey Craven 

Hair : Sarah Ramirez

Videography : Charles Amante 

Florals: Floral Occasions 

Cake: Simply Sweet Cakery 

DJ: Omer Saar 

Officiant – Adrian Hex


Piper + Tyler’s Festive Park Wedding Pt. 2, by Richelle Dante Photography…

I hope you enjoyed seeing Piper + Tyler’s lovely wedding from the perspective of Abi Q Photography yesterday. Today it’s time to show you the same wedding, but this time from the eyes of Richelle Dante Photography! Here is what Richelle had to say about her philosophy and approach to shooting a wedding…

“My goal when shooting a wedding is for couples to look back at their photos 10 years later and still be able to remember how they felt that day. I love capturing emotion, whether it’s a tear in the groom’s eye when he sees his bride for the first time, or when the ceremony is over, he adoringly looks at his bride, his new wife. A quiet moment embracing each other, or a father looking at his daughter with pride during the father daughter dance… this is what the wedding day is about. I also love getting all the details. Couples spend months planning their wedding and when the day comes, sometimes they don’t really get to see all the prettiness of their day and that’s when I come in handy!”

And some advice for all you brides and grooms-to-be out there…

“When picking a photographer, go with someone whose style you love AND who you feel comfortable with. If you aren’t comfortable with your photographer, you won’t get the images you have seen and love on their website. Your photographer is with you for a big part of your wedding day so you definitely want to make sure you like them. :) Doing an engagement shoot is a great way to get to better know your photographer so on your wedding day, it almost feels like a friend.

If photos are truly important, this might be the one area you don’t want to stick to your budget. You find the photographer of your dreams but they are slightly over budget, what do you do? Find a way to make it work, which mean you might have to cut back on something else. Your photos last forever! Your children, grandchildren and great-grand children will see them and get a peek into your life before they existed. You want photos that you love and that will always remind you of the wonderful memories of your wedding day! So please, don’t have your friend that just got a nice camera shoot your wedding! It is an investment that will last beyond your lifetime and it is worth it!”

Again, thanks so much to Richelle and Abi for sharing with us these past two days, and a huge congrats to the bride and groom, Piper + Tyler!!!


Photography: Abi Q Photography + Richelle Dante Photography
Planning + Floral Design: In the Now Weddings
Venue: Santiago Oaks Park in Orange,CA


Piper + Tyler’s Festive Park Wedding Pt. 1, by Abi Q Photography…

This post is a first for The Loveliest Day, but I think it is pretty cool and I hope you do too! The always wonderful Abi Quisenberry of Abi Q Photography sent over a festive park wedding she shot with her friend and fellow photographer Richelle Dante. She suggested featuring the wedding in two parts- her images, and then Richelle’s images. That way readers could see how two different photographers with two different perspectives see the same wedding. I loved the idea and also asked both ladies to share their philosophy and approach to shooting weddings with us, along with any advice they may have for all you brides and grooms out there! So to start, we have Abi’s photos and philosophy, and tomorrow I will have Richelle’s photos and philosophy to share with you! Here we go…

“When I first started shooting I was inspired by a much different feel then I am now. I love love loved sharpness and clean clean photos. Perfection was key. Then I hit a phase of details. I was obsessed and missed out on so many pure moments going around me because of my obsession with capturing the flowers at just the right angle. I am ashamed to admit it, but it’s true. Last year I was in love with colors again, softness, airiness in my photos. An emotion you could touch. This year I believe in the emotion and the moments more then ever, but I have come to realize the perfectness of an imperfect photo. Hair in the face. Tears on the cheeks. Kisses that took your breath away. The organic rawness of an image that is so full of emotion you get lost in it.”

“Anybody that’s married will tell you your wedding day goes by in a blur. They’re hard to remember. In the end your left with a ring on your finger, a dress in your closet and your love by your side. Which is awesome. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my dress, my ring catches the light just right and my husband man is the only one for me. But. But my wedding photos. They tell the story of the day we became husband and wife. They show how little my siblings were, the stupid cry face I made walking down the aisle, the happiness in our eyes when we were pronounced man and wife. They capture a moment and a time you’ll never have again. They are what you will pass on to your children and your childrens children. You can’t put a price on that. Which is why this year I am striving to capture the connections more then ever. I want to make beautiful art that my clients will cherish for the rest of their lives. In the end, it’s about the moments.”

A big, huge thanks to Abi for sharing with us today, and be sure to check back tomorrow for Richelle’s take on Piper + Tyler’s beautiful wedding!!!


Photography: Abi Q Photography + Richelle Dante Photography
Planning + Floral Design: In the Now Weddings
Venue: Santiago Oaks Park in Orange, CA


Classic Blue + White Wedding…

I’m loving the simple rustic wood arbor draped with flowy fabric and accented by white hydrangeas in James + Marissa’s Indiana wedding, sent over by Jesse Daniels Photography. I also adore Marissa’s lace trimmed veil- just beautiful! Classic weddings are really starting to make a come back, and while I’m an eclectic girl at heart, sometimes the simplicity of the traditional just can’t be beat.


Photographer: Jesse Daniels Photography
Event Venue + Catering: Evansville Country Club
Event Planner: Limelight Events
DJ: Jim Mattingly


Yolanda + Eric’s Lana’i Wedding…

Lana’i is on my bucket list of places to visit in my life. I’ve been to Hawaii, but never to the island of Lana’i. It just looks so beautiful and magical! Yolanda + Eric must have thought so as well because they were married on the scenic island, at The Four Seasons Lana’i, Koele Lodge. Their photographer, Joanna Tano, captured every special moment, including the fun touch of using games as centerpieces for guests to play with before and after dinner. Gorgeous AND fun- a fantastic combo:)


Photographer: Joanna Tano Photography
Venue: Four Seasons Lana’i Lodge at Koele
Hair + Makeup: Four Seasons Lana’i Lodge at Koele