Romantic + Modern Nut Farm Wedding…

Erica + Shaler’s wedding was held at a nut farm just outside of San Diego, and simply put- it was perfect! I love how effortless and laid back the vibe was while still managing to be beautiful and stylish. From the stunning organically styled bouquets, to Erica’s lush floral crown, to the wooden reception details, to the buttercream cake adorned with succulents, it was all just lovely! Big thanks to Mike from Studio 7 Photography for sending this gem over. 


Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.01 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.02 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.03 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.04 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.05 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.06 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.07 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.08 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.09 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.10 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.11 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.12 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.13 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.14 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.15 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.16 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.17 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.18 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.19 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.20 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.21 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.22 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.23 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.24 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.25 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.26 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.27 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.28 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.29




Venue: Bates Nut Farm 
Photographer: Studio 7 Photography 
Flowers: Third Bloom
Catering/Food Truck: Urban Eats 
DJ: Dancing DJ Productions 
Cake: Cute Cakes 


Jenna + Eric’s Rustic Handcrafted Military Wedding…

First of all, I can’t believe it’s already June!!! Where did Spring go? Time is really flying by this year, flying by so quickly that it seems nuts that this wedding I’m going to share with you today took place almost a year ago!


I worked with Jenna + Eric on designing their wedding from the very beginning of the process, soon after they were engaged. They only had several months to plan their wedding, and Jenna wanted tons of detail, so there was a lot to get done in a short time. Luckily, Jenna and her Mom are very crafty and were able to bust out tons of the handmade details we came up with very quickly. The venue was The Stonehouse at the beautiful Temecula Creek Inn, which was the perfect setting for the rustic feel Jenna had dreamed of.  There was lots of burlap, lace + mason jars, with pops of turquoise and orange.


There was a freak thunderstorm mid set-up on the day of. That paired with 100 + degree temps made for a bit of a stressful moment for everyone, but luckily the rain and thunder died down just in time, and the wedding went off without a hitch! It was a pleasure working with Jenna + Eric, and I’m excited to share their big day with you:)




Below are a few photos I snapped on my iPhone during set-up…






Lastly, here is Jenna + Eric’s wedding video if you want to see a bit more…




from on .







Photographer: Brightwood Photography
Design + Styling: Melissa Elise Event Design + Styling
Venue + Caterer: Temecula Creek Inn
Hair + Makeup: Bethany Ruck
Cake: Le Petit Kupkak
Cinematography: WickFilms
DJ: Brian Stodart
Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal
Flowers: Enchanting Blooms
Bride’s Boots: Ariat
Stationery: Sea of Love Studios 
Bridal Party Favors: Mason Jar Cookie Company
Cake Topper: April Hiler Designs
Bridesmaid Dresses: Macys


Rustic Kentucky Plantation Wedding…

I love a plantation wedding, I mean seriously LOVVVVVE!!! Needless to say, I was completely taken by this one. Christen + Andrew were married at Richwood Plantation in Milton, Kentucky . It is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also over 200 years old! The couple wanted their wedding weekend to be romantic and personal, and they got just that. The location paired perfectly with their rustic decor- and check out all those homemade desserts and that s’mores station! Adorable! Big thanks to Ariel Renae Photography for sending this lovely wedding over.


Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.01 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.02 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.03 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.04 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.05 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.06 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.07 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.08 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.09 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.10 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.11 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.12 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.13 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.14 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.15 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.16 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.17 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.18 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.19 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.20 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.21 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.22 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.23 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.24 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.25 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.26 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.27 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.28 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.29 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.30 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.31 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.32 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.33 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.34 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.35 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.36 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.37 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.38 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.39 Rustic_Kentucky_Plantation_Wedding_by_Ariel_Renae_Photography.40




Photography: Ariel Renae Photography
Venue: Richwood Plantation
Bride’s Dress: J.Crew
Groom’s Suit: ExpressMen


Handmade Hawaiian Wedding…

How many of us have dreamt of a Hawaiian wedding? I’m willing to bet a whole lot. Jenny + Denton had the same dream, and it became their reality. They went on a weekend getaway to the Big Island where Denton proposed on a secluded beach, and because much of his family is from there, they decided to head back to Hawaii to tie the knot- in Honolulu this time!


Jenny, with help from family, made all the succulent bouquets, centerpieces, and the majority of the decor. Denton made his own wedding ring out of two quarters, and he made Jenny’s ring as well. Impressive stuff, huh? Big thanks to Rachel Robertson Photography for sending this lovely wedding our way!


Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.01 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.02 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.03 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.04 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.05 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.06 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.07 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.08 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.09 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.10 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.11 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.12 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.13 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.14 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.15 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.16 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.17 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.18 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.19 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.20 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.21 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.22 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.23 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.24 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.25 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.26 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.27 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.28 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.29 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.30 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.31 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.32 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.33 Handmade_Hawaiian_Wedding_by_Rachel_Robertson_Photography.34





Photographer: Rachel Robertson Photography
Venue: Loulou Palms
Event Planner: Weddings by Grace + Mona
Hair + Makeup Artist: Hair + Makeup by Beverly Kaneshige


Tamar + Rob’s Dana Powers House Wedding…

I am over the moon, like literally floating around in outer space for Tamar + Rob’s wedding at the awesome Dana Powers House in Nipomo, CA. It is so, so, so beautiful- and speaking of beautiful, look at Tamar! Just glowing! (Sidenote: Tamar also happens to be a fantastic photographer who I featured a few years back, here + here.) By the way, last Friday marked Tamar + Rob’s 6 month anniversary, so let’s all wish a very happy belated anniversary to them:)



Here is a bit more about the big day from the bride, Tamar…



“When Rob and I started planning our wedding, we wanted to make sure it felt very intimate, special, personable, and fun. Our idea was that if a wedding was just about us, we would have just eloped. Since our friends and family were all spending time and money to join us, we wanted to make sure it was as fun as possible for our guests.


We decided to find a venue outside of Los Angeles, but within driving distance. We wanted to do this so our wedding would feel like a destination, and also because we were only planning on inviting our very close friends and family, so a smaller wedding would be more possible outside of Los Angeles. Through a mutual friend, we found the perfect venue in a small town called Nipomo, CA- The Dana Powers House. The Dana Powers House is a victorian-looking home which has the perfect garden for a casual shabby chic ceremony. There is also a barn in the back that would be used for our reception. Although we aren’t very rustic in our style sensibility, the chandeliers and antique decor added just the amount of personal style we were looking for. Another major perk of the Dana Powers House was the proximity to the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. It was a hotel we had wanted to stay in for ages, and this was the perfect time. We were thrilled to have almost every single guest stay with us at the Madonna Inn! Anyway,  once we found the venue everything else fell in to place.”


Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.01 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.02



“We designed tote bags to hand out at the Madonna Inn, which included things like Emergen-C, coconut water, our favorite candies, sake, Pop Chips, and finger monster puppets.”


Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.03 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.04


“After trying on dress after dress, I wasn’t finding one that was unique or special enough. I did love the fit of a Vera Wang dress, but couldn’t justify spending so much money on one dress. I ended up finding the same dress online on Oncewed.com, used, for a fraction of the price. Then, I had my friend Tashina (an insanely amazing wedding dress maker and stylist who styles many of my photo shoots) use the frame of the dress and rework it to create something very unique. We decided to add victorian lace to the dress to go along with the antique, garden theme of the wedding. Tashina hand-painted lace in different shades of blue and sewed them to the bodice and the bottom of the skirt. She also made a beautiful long sash in dusty rose, to complement the colors of the flowers we had chosen. I found very simple iridescent Brian Atwood shoes to wear on my feet, since I was wearing SO much dress. I wore a necklace from my late grandmother on my mom’s side. I had found a wonderful custom jewelry designer to make earrings for me out of hummingbird skulls.”



Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.06 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.07 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.08 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.09 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.10 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.11 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.12


“The invitations and Thank You notes were designed by Rob, who is a creative director. We found an old movie poster and he changed the actors faces to resemble us.”




“We wanted our ceremony to feel very personal, so I had my brother officiate, we wrote our own ceremony and vows, and we had our best friends speak during the ceremony. The ceremony was in the garden of the house and it was so beautiful. My friend Tashina, designed beautiful lace panels for the ceremony.”


Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.14 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.15Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.16Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.17 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.18 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.19 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.20 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.21 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.22 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.23 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.24


“The reception was so pretty…The barn at the Dana Powers House is gorgeous. It already had a ton of lights and mirrors and vintage pieces, so we just added more of our own personality with the little trinkets and lace-covered vases, and skull bottles we had collected during the year. Tashina and our parents helped us with all the decor. As far as drinks went, we had wine, beer, and our own signature drinks. We had three different food buffets, each with a different type of cuisine: mediterranean, california, and asian.”


Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.25 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.26 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.27 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.28


“To enhance the personal feel, we put indoor furniture outdoors, to make it look like there was a living room outside. We used garden flowers that were beautiful but not super polished. We used herbs and lavender to add a nostalgic smell of our childhoods. I was so happy with how everything came out!”


Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.29 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.30 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.31 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.32 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.33 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.34


“We also had a s’mores set up with reese’s cups since they are Rob’s favorite candy.”


Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.35 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.36 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.37


“The cake was absolutely insanely good, and we had little taxidermy mice dressed up as us for our topper. The entire wedding felt so casual and so very “us”. It couldn’t have gone more perfectly.”


Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.38 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.39 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.40 Rob_Tamar_Dana_Powers_House_Wedding_by_The_Beating_Hearts.41





Venue: Dana Powers House
Dress: Vera Wang + Miss Tashina
Wedding Styling: Miss Tashina 
Ceremony + Cocktail Hour Band: Sista Monica Parker 
Reception DJ: Kris Zaycher
Catering: Sea Shanty 
Cake: Cake Cathedral 
Bouquets: Lori Boe Floral 
Photo Booth: Bluebird Photo Booth 
Makeup: Erica Davidson 
Hotel: Madonna Inn 


Classic + Intimate New Zealand Wedding…

I am absolutely, positively in L-O-V-E with Andrew + Holly’s stunning wedding, sent over by Laurette Quax from Shine Studios! I adore all different types of weddings, but the ones that always pull on my heartstrings the most are classic weddings with beautiful flowers and personal details. This one hit the nail on the head! And how amazing is the location? I need to get to New Zealand ASAP!


Here’s a little more from the lovely bride, Holly:


“Andrew and I met in a nightclub in Auckland NZ, it was strange how it happened I was always that girl that swore that you never meet nice guys in bars. My friend and I were out for her 25th birthday – I wasn’t drinking at the time as I worked for an airline and had a flight the following day, she on the other hand was very drunk and in a depressive mood as she thought 25 was old and she was over the hill -haha. A couple of guys started talking to us and she was so drunk that she started being inappropriately rude to them. I apologized on her behalf, the guy that was talking to me (Andrew) was undeterred by her and we continued our conversation. It got to a point where I felt I had better take her home, he asked for my number, my friend was struggling to navigate the stairs and he was such a gentleman taking her by the arm and helping her down even though she had been so rude that was definitely the clincher that made me realize that he was one of the rare ‘nice guys’. Our friend now laughs about that night. We had our first date in the following weeks at a local tapa’s bar, he picked me up from home, the conversation flowed easily – and still does even today 5 years later.”


Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.01 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.02 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.03


“Finding my dress was really special, its not often that my mother and I have the opportunity to go shopping together especially joined by my grandma and sister. I was anxious but also excited, I knew once I found my dress that I would have trouble keeping it a secret from my fiancé as we share everything. It was so fun going through the racks of gorgeous gowns and I loved getting lost amongst the taffeta and lace. My wedding dress was a sweetheart ivory lace fit and flare. I ordered custom made earrings and hair slide from America. The shoes were ivory satin with a jeweled bow on the front.”


Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.04 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.05 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.06


“We chose blush peonies and ‘something special’ roses. Peonies always seem to romantic to me and I loved the muted tones of them and the roses together. We also had our tables and the alter scattered with jars of varying heights with a mixture of wild flowers and roses.”


Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.07 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.08 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.09 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.10 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.11


“We got married at The Tasting Shed in Kumeu, Aucklands wine region. Its not a traditional wedding venue but we loved the relaxed rustic elements. That kept with the feel that we wanted for our big day keeping in with our personal style. We connected so well with the owners Jo and Raj, they made our whole day flow incredibly well and were really attentive to the small touches that we wanted. We had just arrived back from Dubai and wanted our wedding to be a collection of the people that meant the most to us that kept our guest list and wedding to be an intimate affair with 35 of our closest friends and family. The tight knit group coupled with the bad weather, really formed an casual but intimate atmosphere.”


Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.12 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.13 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.14 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.15 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.16 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.17 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.18 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.19 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.20 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.21 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.22 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.23 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.24 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.25 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.26 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.27 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.28 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.29 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.30 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.31


“Our cake was definitely on the untraditional side, it was a 3 tiered red velvet rosette cake in bright graduated colors. Our guests mentioned it was the best wedding cake they had ever had. The team at Bluebells Cakery in hillsborough were a pleasure to deal with.”


Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.32 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.33 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.34 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.35 Classic_Intimate_New_Zealand_Wedding_by_Shine_Studios.36


“The most memorable part of the day for me was when we had a break in the weather the sun had just set, and the lanterns that we had put up were turned on. We went outside and had our first dance on the dewey grass under the stars to Joshua Radin – You got what I need. It was every bit the romantic first dance that I had imagined.”





Some advice from Holly:


“Relax, dont let anything ruin your day, late guests, the weather or dress disasters (long lasting make up spilt on my dress right before I was due to get in the car) eye make up remover worked a treat. Its once in your life time – be present in every single second.”







Photographer: Lauretta Quax from Shine Studios 
Venue: The Tasting Shed 
Flowers: Emily from Blossom Wedding Flowers
Cake: Bluebells Cakery 
Bride’s Dress: Astra Bridal 
Groom’s Attire: Custom made in Dubai, altered by Vinnie at Sabe 
Hair: Jo Plant at Exile Hair Design 
Makeup: Amber Carroll 
Rings: Groom’s ring custom made at Carats Auckland  + Bride’s rings custom made in Dubai.


Vintage Words + Text Wedding…

Emily + Randy were married this past Fall in Nevada City, CA. They chose a foundry built in the 1800s as their venue, and it was the perfect fit for the homespun vintage feel they wanted. The recurring theme throughout the wedding was vintage words and text. It was used in everything from the huge monogram of their initials displayed right when guests entered the building, to the paper roses used on the reception tables and as the cake topper.


Their fantastic photographer, Emily Heizer, shared a fun moment from the day: While they were taking photos on the street, Emily and Randy started playing guitar. When they began to play ‘Come as You Are’ by Nirvana, passerbys burst into applause. Awesome! Such a fun memory for them, and since Nirvana is probably my favorite band of all time, I fully appreciate it:)






Photographer: Emily Heizer Photography
Venue: Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center