Romantic + Modern Nut Farm Wedding…

Erica + Shaler’s wedding was held at a nut farm just outside of San Diego, and simply put- it was perfect! I love how effortless and laid back the vibe was while still managing to be beautiful and stylish. From the stunning organically styled bouquets, to Erica’s lush floral crown, to the wooden reception details, to the buttercream cake adorned with succulents, it was all just lovely! Big thanks to Mike from Studio 7 Photography for sending this gem over. 


Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.01 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.02 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.03 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.04 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.05 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.06 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.07 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.08 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.09 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.10 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.11 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.12 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.13 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.14 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.15 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.16 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.17 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.18 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.19 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.20 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.21 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.22 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.23 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.24 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.25 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.26 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.27 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.28 Romantic_Modern_Nut_Farm_Wedding_by_Studio_7_Photography.29




Venue: Bates Nut Farm 
Photographer: Studio 7 Photography 
Flowers: Third Bloom
Catering/Food Truck: Urban Eats 
DJ: Dancing DJ Productions 
Cake: Cute Cakes 


Third Bloom says:

These images by Studio 7 Photography are so beautiful! We loved being a part of Erica and Schaler’s laid back wedding. Erica’s flower crown is my favorite crown we’ve made… and I must admit we did wear it for a bit : )

Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos of the wedding! Hope everyone enjoys!

Lisa says:

Love the flowers very much,and the bride is so beautiful!
Wish Erica &Shaler happy forever.

Very sweet! Awesome bouquets and floral crowns. Gorgeous!

This wedding literally put a smile on my face, its so upbeat, fun, and vibrant. Everyone looks like they had a blast

These images are brilliant! Great photgraphy skills!

Great blog created by you. I read your blog, its best and useful information. You have done a grate work. Super blogging and keep it up posting…!

Leslie says:

Hello! I love the cornhole boards in the image. Any advice on where to find them?

That floral head piece is gorgeous. Fantastic shots, thanks for sharing. x

I love the variations of colors used. It is so refreshing! Thanks for sharing!

Kara says:

where did you get your cornhole boards?

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