DIY: Stitched Burlap Table Topper…

The lovely folks over at Smitten on Paper are back with their second DIY feature for The Loveliest Day- a darling hand-stitched burlap table topper! I am a complete novice when it comes to sewing, but even I could do this. So simple and the result is totally adorable!






Burlap, yarn, silk ribbon in varying sizes, large gauge needle + scissors.







1.  Plan out your design and then draw it onto your burlap with a sharpie. It does not need to be perfect, the sharpie will be covered up with your stitching.


2.  Thread your needle with the yarn and use a running stitch to complete the basic part of your design.


3-6.  To make your flowers, thread your need with the silk ribbon and then make 3-4 stitches in a starburst pattern, depending on how large you want your flower. Tie the ribbon off on the back of the burlap and cut the excess ribbon.


7.  To make sure that your petals are nice a pretty the ribbon needs to be flat, not twisted. Place your finger under the ribbon as you are pulling the it through.


8.  Repeat with as many colors and sizes of ribbons as you would like!






We used this stitched burlap as table topper or runner, but it would also be adorable as a hanging flag or banner.





Big huge thanks to Smitten on Paper for creating another awesome DIY for us!!! Make sure to check out their website, facebook, + to see more of their amazingness:)



I’m not a rustic girl, but I love this!

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