Ann + Kevin’s Laguna Canyon Engagement Session…

Ann + Kevin’s beautiful engagement session in Laguna Canyon, captured by Eli Murray Weddings, is an extra special one for me to share. That’s because that babe in the blue dress is one of my very best friends in the whole wide world! Ann and I have been friends for over ten years and I have the honor of helping to design her July wedding AND be the maid of honor. Needless to say, I am beyond excited for her, so it’s pretty much the most fun thing ever for me to get a chance to post these gorgeous photos! In the next few months I will also be sharing photos from her upcoming bridal shower and then hopefully, her wedding! Stay tuned:)


Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.01 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.02 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.03 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.04 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.07 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.08 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.09 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.10 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.12 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.13 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.14 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.16 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.17 Ann_Kevin_Engagement_Session_by_Eli_Murray_Weddings.18




Ann Huynh says:

Awww I love this and I love YOU! One of the greatest friends I’ve ever known and beyond thrilled and honor to have you be a part of everything. XOXO

What a beautiful and happy couple. Wish you a lifetime filled with love and happiness! Congrats!!

l like to congratulate the couple for the engagement. nice scenario to have engagement couple look stunning together. Hope in next couple of month i m going to see your images.
thanks for sharing images with us.

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