Maryland Main Street Engagement Session…

Angie + Costa’s engagement session was sent over by C & I Photographers, and was captured on Main Street in Bel Air, Maryland. I love the cozy small town feel that the photos evoke! Here’s a bit more about the session from the photographer, Justin…


“We bounced around a bit through some of their regular stomping grounds- and then you know, had them sit in a fountain (the one right across from a police station of course). The bikes were a cute and, yet again, true touch. They live right down the street so its not uncommon to see these two frequenting their favorite watering hole, Sean and Bolan’s Irish Pub. Angie & Costa, were naturals. I had a lot of fun photographing them.”


Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.01 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.02 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.03 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.04 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.05 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.06 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.07 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.08 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.09 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.10 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.11 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.12 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.13 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.14 Maryland_Main_Street_Engagement_Session_by_C_&_I_Photographers.15



Lena says:

How I miss East Coast Main Streets–I grew up on one!

Carla Caruso says:

What a sweet couple!! Great photos…

I love the bicycles and the play with shadows and light. So cute!

Beautiful photography. Love the style of it. The couple looks very much in love. Great capturing of that.

Lexi says:

Such a cute couple! Those classic bicycles are fabulous!

Angie (Bride-to-be) says:

Thanks Everyone for the sweet comments! Our photographer is incredible!

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