My Top Pumpkin Picks…

I don’t know about you, but we have yet to carve our pumpkins this year. My husband likes to wait until the night before Halloween to carve them, so today I’ve been going through my file of pumpkin inspiration to prepare, and wanted to share some of my top pumpkin picks from around the web with you. I said “carve” above, but in recent years, I’ve preferred a decorated but not carved pumpkin. Painted, glittered, decoupaged- you name it, I probably love it! Are you a carving purist, or do you like something a little different for your pumpkin?halloween pumpkin inspiration

Rachael Ray Mag | Better Homes + Gardens | Chatelaine | Twig + Thistle | Yesterday’s Sweetheart | Country Living

halloween pumpkin inspiration

The Art of Doing Stuff | Better Homes + Gardens | Davis Day By Day



That diorama is bananas, right?! It’s so awesome. I’m also a big fan of the chalkboard pumpkins and may have to try that next year. This year I think I will be going to glitter route, but carving isn’t out of the question. We will see! Such serious pumpkin decisions to make , haha.



Glowy ones are fancy..I can’t believe I say this about pumpkins but they really are

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